7th Day of Chaitra Navratri, 2019: Saptami

On Saptami (seventh day), devotees observed Kalratri Pooja, dedicated to the seventh avatar of Goddess Durga. Kalratri is the fiercest and most ferocious form of Maa Shakti who slayed demons Sumbha and Nisumbha. The day also marked Maha Saptami.

At the Durga Temple:

We carried out our 7th day of Ramayan Paath! We only have 2 more days to go

Don’t forget to join us for Durga Ashtami, Kanjak Pooja and Ramayan Path today (April 13) from 4pm-6pm and Ram Navami on Sunday, April 14 from 11am-1pm.

Be sure to join us in person and tune-in online via our facebook page throughout this Chaitra Navratri festival!

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