Murti Sthapana Mahotsavam Brings Divinity

Sunday marked our grand Murti Sthapana Mahotsavam at the Durga Temple of Westchster. We welcomed Bala Ji, Hanuman Ji, Durga Maata, Ganesh Ji and Shani Devi Ji to make their home in our community temple. What is Murti Sthapana?It is a ritual invoking God in a murti by performing Vedic rites and chanting mantras asContinue reading “Murti Sthapana Mahotsavam Brings Divinity”

The Colors of Holi Mark Spring Equinox and Victory of Good Over Evil

For Hindus, Holi marks not only the end of winter and start of spring, but also the celebration of the victory of good over evil. The demoness Holika (or Holi), was enlisted by her brother, Hiranyakashipu, to kill his son Prahlada because of the latter’s unshakable devotion to Vishnu. Prahlada was saved, however, Holika burntContinue reading “The Colors of Holi Mark Spring Equinox and Victory of Good Over Evil”

Recalling a Busy Week at Durga Temple…

Maha Shivratri Last week, we started March with so much to celebrate! Maha Shivratri (the great night of Shiva), was on March 4th. This was a night celebrated by millions of devotees of Lord Shiva across the globe, along with our Durga Temple extended family. This auspicious day allows us to absolve our sins andContinue reading “Recalling a Busy Week at Durga Temple…”