Murti Sthapana Mahotsavam Brings Divinity

Sunday marked our grand Murti Sthapana Mahotsavam at the Durga Temple of Westchster. We welcomed Bala Ji, Hanuman Ji, Durga Maata, Ganesh Ji and Shani Devi Ji to make their home in our community temple.

What is Murti Sthapana?
It is a ritual invoking God in a murti by performing Vedic rites and chanting mantras as prescribed by the Shastras. Murti Sthapana is a celebration often coupled with a cultural procession, and Vishwashanti Maha Yagna, or prayer for world peace. After a Murti Sthapana, divinity enters murti and it is a lifetime opportunity to be a part of this pooja. The murti is not simply an image but rather a living form of God.

Volunteers hard at work to setup for the grand event!

The Sankalpa – Devotees made a one-pointed resolve to focus both psychologically and philosophically on a specific goal

The required rituals were a Vedic Havan, the Murti Sthapana followed by Bhajans to celebrate the successful consecration of our divine Murtis

All devotees were blessed during the Aarti

Please join us for our Krishna Janamashtami celebration on August 23rd!

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