1st Day of Chaitra Navratri, 2019: Pratipada/Prathama

Kalash Sthapana marked the beginning of Navratri as devotees invited Goddess Durga to reside in their household. Maa Shailputri is Goddess Durga’s first avatar. She is the daughter of mountains and governs Moon. The first day also marked Chandra Darshan, which is the first day of moon sighting after amavasya. Devotees observing a day-long fast, broke it after seeing the new moon last night.

At the Durga Temple:

We had 48 sponsors for the Mata Ki Chowki yesterday!

Durga Maa was adorned with garlands, jewelry and chunri to mark the start of Chaitra Navratri!

We started with Ramayan Path and then invoked the presences of Durga Mata via our Mata Ki Chowki. The images and videos below capture the joyous occasion:

Photo and video credits: Suresh Rajporohit, Sohan Chadha, Dilip Sharma

Be sure to join us in person and tune-in online throughout this Chaitra Navratri festival!

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