The Colors of Holi Mark Spring Equinox and Victory of Good Over Evil

For Hindus, Holi marks not only the end of winter and start of spring, but also the celebration of the victory of good over evil. The demoness Holika (or Holi), was enlisted by her brother, Hiranyakashipu, to kill his son Prahlada because of the latter’s unshakable devotion to Vishnu. Prahlada was saved, however, Holika burnt in the very fire that she had planned to kill Prahlada in.

At the Durga Temple, we gathered for a fun filled evening of celebration. We started with a painting challenge for all age ranges. Our budding artists used their creativity to illustrate the essence of Holi.

The result were breathtaking – you be the judge:

The artists left their mark at Durga Temple of Westchester!

If the artwork left you inspired, the performances would make you amazed! We were treated to a mix of poetry recitation, singing, dancing and even the reading of the legend behind the celebration of Holi.

Our faithful devotees added to this their melodious bhajans, after which, our volunteers had setup a delicious langar with full dinner and sweets. It was a truly memorable experience for everyone who came.

Don’t forget to join the Sunderkand Path this Saturday, March 30th at 4 PM

Happy Holi 2019!

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